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A better alternative to Hotjar

We understand the importance of choosing an analytics platform that fits your company’s needs. That’s why we’ve compared what our platform has to offer with that of Hotjar, our most highly regarded competitor.

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Howuku vs Hotjar features

Features Howuku Hotjar
Pricing plan $100 $99
Tracked Pageviews per month 500,000 600,000
Recording Limitation Unlimited 15,000
Export Recordings .mp4 format Text based
Segmented Heatmap location, source, datetime and etc
Feedback Widget annotation drawing & video feedback
Polling Widget segmented audience
A/B Testing Visual Editor on-site testing & split url
Analytics Dashboard location, top pages, device and etc
User Behavior Alert Email send an email on a certain behavior detection
API Integration RESTAPI documentation for developers
JS error tracking
Multiple websites per plan
Custom development
White label custom domain, layout, and design

Better Widget

Bring feedback widget to the next level by allowing your users to express their thoughts verbally and showing you what is happening on their screens.


Segmented Heatmap

Get complete information on who, when, where was clicked in a detailed breakdown heatmap report.

Built-in Analytics

Essential capability of Howuku on delivering analytical insights as an integrated part of your business processes out-of-the-box. Customers get contextual information to make better decisions at the point where the job gets done.

What Customers Say About Us logo five star
Marco Kramer - Owner at IMAGA

Great product and great team
Besides the attractive price, I love the fact I can now see the behavior (clicks and scroll on a heatmap) segmented by traffic. Now I can see if visitors coming from Google are behaving differently from ads or other traffic sources. logo five star
Ersan Temizyurek co-founder of Learnia

Real replacement to Hotjar
I am a long time user of Figpii, Capturly and Hotjar. Howuku provides many of the features of these apps with great User Experience. Gained my trust that it will be way better than Capturly and Figpii, and at least head to head compete against the market leader Hotjar.

Ahmed Qureshi five star
Ahmed Qureshi - CEO of Brandoverflow

Better Alternative
I've been looking for a better alternative to HotJar and CrazyEgg for years now, this is absolutely the best option on the market and it has everything you'd need to optimize your pages in the best way possible.