Watch your website visitors session with recording

Ability to watch your website visitors every interaction to uncover potential pitfall in your website.

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Recording of real visitors

Stop guessing why your visitors decided to leave! Based those decision on session recording, a proof of real visitors that were engaging with your website.

Find out why did visitors leave your website throught their eye, it can be done easily with session recording in your website. These recording help you unfold potential errors and make adjustment to fix the problems.

  • Session recorded based on real visitors
  • See every movement that were performed in your website
  • See your website through the eyes of visitor
  • Make improvement through proven insight

Replace all analytics tools with one

Whether you are a marketer, product manager, or UX designer, we have all the tools you need to make better product and convert more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are session recording?

Session recording is the ability to replay a session recorded from your website visitors session. You can watch the journey of your visitor's every movement within your website like watching a video.

How much do you charge for session recording?

We have a free plan which you can record up to 200 session recording per month and come with a one month data retention. If you need more session recording capacity, we do offer paid plan and they all comes with more storage and data rentention of 365 days!

What happen if my session recording limit is full?

Session recording in your website will keep recording new incoming session, however, we will be removing the oldest session available in your account to keep your limit intact.

What happen if my session recording was removed?

Once your recording is removed, it's sad to say but they are gone forever. The truth is session recording is a very expensive feature for us to host, so we can't afford to keep your session longer than we'd wished to. Sorry. :(

You can record your visitors with session recording for free

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