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Howuku is a better alternative to CrazyEgg that is simply much more powerful and affordable for your marketing team.

10,000 vs 3,000 sessions per month

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CrazyEgg Alternative Features Comparison

3X More Recordings. 5X More Features. Monthly Payment Option Available.


No. of Recordings
(How many sessions can you record?)

10,000 sessions

3,000 sessions

Plan Pricing
(Basic Plans for Both)

Heatmaps & Recordings
‍(Available on both platform)

On-site A/B Testing
‍‍(Visual Editor No Coding Needed)

Unlimited Projects & Websites
(Enough for your site, blog and webapp)

Feedback Widget & Pop-up Survey
‍(Unlimited Responses)

Split URL Testing
(Test between 2 URL)

Web Content Personalization
(Personalize based on source, URL, and Geolocation)

Event Flow Automation
(Work with SMS, Telegram, and Webhook)

Event Tracking Reports
(Event historical pattern and performance)

Website Form Analytics
(See where user drop off in your Form)

Conversion Funnel
(Pages & Events funnel for your business)

White-label For Agency
(Custom domain, URL & stylesheets)

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CrazyEgg Alternative More than just Heatmap & A/B Testing

Both Howuku and CrazyEgg offer Heatmap, A/B Testing, and Recordings to help you optimize your website.

However, Howuku is a truly all-in-one optimization tool that allows you to also perform conversion funnel, event tracking, feedback widget, and survey that you couldn't do in CrazyEgg.

The best part is you can do way more with Howuku for paying way less!

Admit it... CrazyEgg is Crazy Expensive!

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CrazyEgg Competitors

CrazyEgg vs Hotjar

Hotjar and CrazyEgg both targeted the larger organization and offer Heatmap and Session Recording. However, CrazyEgg focuses more on UX Optimization

Hotjar: Feedback and Survey.
CrazyEgg: On-site A/B Testing
Howuku: If you need all of the above
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CrazyEgg vs VWO

VWO has quite a lot of similarities with CrazyEgg as they both offer heatmap and A/B testing and targeting enterprise customers.
VWO: Advanced A/B Testing Tool, unreasonably expensive
CrazyEgg: Basic A/B Testing, still very expensive
Howuku: If you need everything
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CrazyEgg vs Mouseflow

Mouseflow offers a much better value when compared to CrazyEgg with pretty similar features all around.
Mouseflow: With Survey and Heatmap
‍CrazyEgg: On-site A/B Testing
‍Howuku: If you need all of the above
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People who made the switch choose us for a reason

E-commerce icon
E-commerce store are using Howuku not only for the Heatmap and Recordings. They also uses the Form Analytics and Conversion Funnel to understand buyers purchase patterns.
Agency Icon
Marketing Agency
Agencies are using Howuku to work with 100+ client projects. No additional charges.
Now, It would literally cost a bank if they were to work with Hotjar.
Enterprise icon
White Label
Software companies are using Howuku for full customization dev support and reselling Howuku services under their own domain and branding.

Why people choose us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

Are the prices per site?

No, you can create as many website as you wished to. You only need to pay for one price to tracking all your landing pages, web applications, or e-commerce sites.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, you can try out any of our paid plans with a 14-day free trial period and no credit card is required.

How do I install Howuku on my website?

You will get your unique Howuku's tracking code snippet and spend only few minutes to insert it in your website. Alternatively, if you're already using Google Tag Manager on your website, you can just include Howuku script through GTM.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscriptions at any time, but there will be no refund over the prior subscriptions.

Can I block my own IP address?

Yes, you can block your own IP address from being tracked by Howuku script on your own website. You can find it under settings > Block IP > Block my IP.

Will Howuku slow down my website?

No. Howuku script will not slow down your website. Howuku script is loaded into your website asynchronously (it won't start until your website finish-up loading) and its file size is barely 5kb.

Do you support mobile app tracking?

At the moment Howuku tracks website only.

Can I use Howuku with Google Analytics?

Yes, Howuku can work with Google Analytics without any conflict.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, every Howuku's user gets a unique referral link and can earn 20% commission of your referred user purchases.

What kind of support am I entitled to?

A dedicated customer support for troubleshooting any issues and a dedicated customer success manager to assist with business needs.

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