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Howuku is a set of easy to use tools that helps you understand your visitor and convert more leads to prospects.

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Feedback Engagement

Direct feedback on website has proven to be the most effective way to engage user for their opinions.

Visualize Experience

We turns number and data into visual and actionable insight that is so easy anyone can understand.

Business Growth

Keep track of your business growth rate with a step by step conversion funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Learn how Howuku can you improve your website conversion rate through our CRO tools. Why do I need CRO?

Conversion Funnel

Much needed sales funnel

Conversion Funnels are great for identifying where users are dropping out of your onboarding flow, or measuring the conversion rate from a visitor to customer.

  • Find out your sales conversion rate.
  • Where did your visitor dropoff?
Website polling should be fast simple and easy for visitors.
Visitor recording easy to understand user behaviour

Visitor Recording

Session replay for website

Visually understand how your users interact with your site and how to optimize your website for success. Howuku tracks every mouse movement, click, scroll and keyboard strokes and let's you watch real videos of your users sessions from the moment they open your site till they leave.

  • record session without compromising sensitive information
  • actionable insight for website conversion rate optimization
  • visualize visitors behaviour by watching recorded session
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Website Heat Map

Hyper-focused touch point

You no longer need to guess where visitors are looking and clicking. Know exactly where your users click and what grabs their attention using our visual heat map reports.

  • eye tracking simulation via heat map
  • click map to find out most effective CTA
  • website scroll map to find out how far down have users scrolled
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Reveal where website visitors click with heat map tracking

Website Polling

Single question poll

Polling should be short and simple, more importantly not intrusive your users time.

It only require sinlge click and a few seconds to complete the polling.

  • big question & short answers
  • designed to be non-intrusive
Website polling should be fast simple and easy for visitors.
User feedback can be easy and enjoyable

Website Feedback

Simple and effective

Let your users easily express their sentiment towards your service by making the process of giving feedback as easy as possible.

  • feedback that comes with screenshot attachment
  • instant feedback widget ready for your web app
  • make it easy for your visitors to give feedback
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Replace all analytics tools with one

Whether you are a marketer, product manager, or UX designer, we have all the tools you need to make better product and convert more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the need to reinvent the wheel?

Because the existing available products were too expensive for smaller startups and there are always rooms for an inexpensive yet reliable all-in-one conversion rate optimization tool.

What is your pricing plan?

You can find out our pricing plan in pricing plan page

Who can benefit from conversion rate optimization tool?

Basically anyone with a website and actively looking to bring in more sales or subscription out of their existing traffic.

Do your website offer a free plan?

Yes, we do offer a free plan and it can access to all our available conversion rate optimization tool for free.

You can record your visitors with session recording for free

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