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Howuku offer 3x more value than CrazyEgg

With Howuku, you are getting 6,250 pageviews for each dollar your pays.
With CrazyEgg, you are only getting 2,008 pageviews for each dollar you pays!

Assuming your monthly traffics Howuku Crazy Egg
~20,000 $16 (1,250/$) $24 (1,250/$)
~75,000 $36 (2,777/$) $49 (1,530/$)
~150,000 $48 (4,166/$) $99 (1,515/$)
~500,000 $80 (6,250/$) $249 (2,008/$)

Source: CrazyEgg.com pricing page. Date: 06/10/2020

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"Great product and great team"

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Besides the attractive price, I love the fact I can now see the behavior (clicks and scroll on a heatmap) segmented by traffic. Now I can see if visitors coming from Google are behaving differently from ads or other traffic sources.

Features available Howuku Crazy Egg
Pricing plan Billed Annually $80 $249
Tracked Pageviews per month 500,000 500,000
Visitor Recording
Recording Limit unlimited 5,000
Export Recordings .mp4 format text based
Feedback Widget Annotation & Screen Recording
Polling Widget Segmented Audience
Conversion Funnel
Basic Analytics
Forever free plan
White label Best for agency
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