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We made it super easy for product team to start collecting feedback
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Core Features

Fast integration

Fast and simple to get started and collecting high quality feedback.

Annotation & Drawing

Your users can draw on screen and point out their feedback.

Screen Recording

Users can record themselves and give you verbal feedback.

drawing on screen with annotation feedback

Draw annotation on screen

By allowing your visitors to quickly leave you a feedback, you are in the right path to receiving quality feedback.

Giving a feedback is not an obligation for any users, so considering it a gift received. Be sure to make sure you make the feedback process as easy as possible.

screen record feedback and voice cam

Video & verbal feedback

Bring feedback widget to the next level by allowing your users to express their thoughts verbally and showing you what is happening on their screens.

Create your own Style

You can change the widget appearance to fit your website mood, red, blue, yellow or any color that matches your website.

Our feedback widget also comes with various options to your liking.

feedback widget customization with different style

Achieve customer success today

Your website can start integrating this feature within 5 minutes and start gaining unfair advantage over your competition in the field of customer success!

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