Effectively collect user feedback on website

Feedback is one of the most valuable asset any business can ever ask from users, hence it is a must to always have a feedback tool ready on your website.

free feedback tool for website

Feedback in seconds

By allowing your visitors to quickly leave you a feedback, you are in the right path to receiving quality feedback.

Giving a feedback is not an obligation for any users, so considering it a gift received. Be sure to make sure you make the feedback process as easy as possible.

User feedback can be easy and enjoyable
feedback widget customization with different style

Customize to fit your style

You can change the widget appearance to fit your website mood, red, blue, yellow or any color that matches your website.

Our feedback widget also comes with various smiley faces and styles for you to choose from.

Replace all analytics tools with one

Whether you are a marketer, product manager, or UX designer, we have all the tools you need to make better product and convert more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many feedback can I collect for my plan?

We offer unlimited feedback for all plan, you can collect feedback with screenshot for your website indefinitely.

How long can I keep my feedback?

You can keep the feedback forever until you have decided to deletes them or remove your account.

Can I remove the watermark from feedback widget?

Yes, you can remove the "powered by" watermark by upgrading your account to one of our paid plan.

Can I collect feedback with screenshot in Free plan?

Yes, your free plan feedback widget will have the ability to capture screenshot of users.

You can record your visitors with session recording for free

Starting from $0 per month

No credit card required.