Heatmap Glossary

Website Heatmap

Everything you need to know about Website Heatmaps

Heatmap AI

Heatmap AI can automatically detect patterns in user behavior, such as recurring issues or areas of high engagement, saving time and effort in manual analysis.

Eye Tracking Heatmap

An Eye Tracking Heatmap for websites is a visualization tool that displays where users focus their attention while browsing a webpage. It uses data collected from eye-tracking studies, which follow the movement of users' eyes as they view a site.

Segment Heatmap

A Segment Heatmap refers to the analysis of heatmap data for specific user groups or segments. This allows website owners to compare the behavior of different user types, such as new vs. returning visitors, mobile vs. desktop users, or users from different geographic locations.

Movement Heatmap

A Movement Heatmap, also known as a Mouse Movement Heatmap, shows where users move their mouse cursor while browsing a webpage. This tool uses colors to indicate areas that receive more or less cursor movement, with red or orange representing high movement and blue or green representing low movement.

Click Heatmap

A Click Heatmap is a tool that shows where users click on a webpage. It uses colors to display the most and least clicked areas, with red or orange indicating high click activity and blue or green showing low activity. This helps website owners understand which parts of their site are popular and which may need improvement.

Scrolling Heatmap

A Scrolling Heatmap is a tool that shows how people scroll through a website. It uses colors to display how far down the page users go and which parts they spend more time on. Red or orange areas are where users spend the most time, while blue or green areas get less attention.

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