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What is an AI-generated heatmaps?

Heatmap AI is a powerful tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior on your website or application. By generating a visual representation of user behavior, heatmaps can help you identify which areas of your site are most engaging, which elements are being clicked on, and which areas are being ignored.

At Howuku, we offer a free heatmap generator tool that allows you to enter your website's URL and receive a comprehensive heatmap report within seconds. But to get the most accurate view of your website heatmap, we recommend signing up for a Howuku account and installing our heatmap feature.

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Heatmap for websites

Get detailed and real-time insight into how people interact with products. With data at your fingertips, you can iterate continuously, focus on the most impactful features, and innovate faster.
I love the fact I can now see the behavior segmented by traffic. Now I can see if visitors coming from Google are behaving differently from ads or other traffic sources.
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Marco Kramer
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