Visualize Mouse Movement and Clicks into Heatmap

Eliminate guess work on your website and see real visitor's interaction and pattern in form of heatmap

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Event Precision

We record each clicks and movements with precision up to pixel level to ensure accuracy of heatmap

Pattern Insight

Pattern behaviour is the fastest way to understand what is going on in your website.

Visualized Data

heatmap reports are very easy to understand and effectively help understanding your visitors.

website heatmap demo

Look at the Big Picture

Look at the pattern of all your visitors interactions being compressed into one picture of heatmap

It is way easier to analize insight that was presented in form of heatmap than taking in a bunch of numbers that may or may not be useful to your business.

  • Records precise touch point of each and every events
  • See which part of the website has most interest
  • See through thousands of visitor's pattern on your website
  • Easily export and share heatmap record with your team

Replace all analytics tools with one

Whether you are a marketer, product manager, or UX designer, we have all the tools you need to make better product and convert more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is heatmap?

heatmap is a highly visual method of analyzing your website will help you easily look at the pattern of your visitor interaction over a given period of time.

How much do you charge for heatmap?

We have a free plan which you can record up to 200 session per month and come with a one month data retention.

What happen if my session recording limit is full?

Your heatmap will stop populating new records. You will need to initiate another heatmap profile or simply restart the current one with a new recording session.

What happen if my session recording was removed?

Once your recording is removed, it's sad to say but they are gone forever. The truth is session recording is a very expensive feature for us to host, so we can't afford to keep your session longer than we'd wished to. Sorry. :(

You can record your visitors with session recording for free

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