Saleshandy Switches from SmartLook to Howuku for Better ROI and User Experience

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409% Cost-savings | Higher ROI | Improved Collaboration

About Saleshandy

Saleshandy is an award-winning email automation SaaS company with more than 200,000 users worldwide, including Amazon, GoDaddy, Uber, and Verizon. Their comprehensive software comes with powerful features that enable sales teams to automate and scale their cold outreach campaigns seamlessly. For example, email sequence automation, targeting and personalization, and stage-by-stage analytics. 

We are having Ravi Kewat on the interview to share a little with us on how Saleshandy is using Howuku to improve their workflow.


As a product manager at Saleshandy, having a clear understanding of how users engage with their platform is crucial. Previously, Saleshandy relied on Smart Look for this insight but found that it was not delivering the desired return on investment (ROI) due to a number of factors. Firstly, Smart Look was not easy to use, which made it challenging for the team to get the information they needed quickly. The platform was also not cost-effective for the amount of data and insights Saleshandy required.

In addition, Smart Look was only set up on Saleshandy's web app, not their website or blog pages, which meant that the team could not gain complete visibility into how users were engaging with their content. The cost of setting up Smart Look on the website and blog pages would have been prohibitively high, given the high volume of visitors to these areas.


To address these challenges, Saleshandy switched to Howuku. Howuku provided all the features they needed and more, including A/B testing, analytics, and content personalization, all at a much more cost-effective price. With Howuku, Saleshandy was able to implement the platform across all sources, including their web app, website, and blog pages.

The team was also impressed by the pricing of Howuku, which was much lower than other similar products they had explored. In fact, the cost of tracking 200,000 monthly visitors using Howuku was 409% cheaper than with Smartlook!

The switch to Howuku has allowed Saleshandy to get a complete understanding of how users engage with their platform, which has helped them make data-driven decisions and optimize the user experience. The team is now able to diagnose and fix any issues on their website or blog pages in real-time, which has helped increase their sign-ups and engagement.


Saleshandy's switch from Smart Look to Howuku has allowed the team to gain a better ROI and user experience. The cost-effective pricing and ease of use have made it possible for Saleshandy to gain complete visibility into how users engage with their platform, which has helped them make data-driven decisions and optimize the user experience.

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