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Want to increase your website conversion rates? Howuku shows you how users actually experience your website, and how they behave during their customer journey.

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Build better products

Howuku gives you detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with products. With data at your fingertips, you can iterate continuously, focus on the most impactful features, and innovate faster.

Maximize profit

Conversion rates are the most critical metrics of your business. Simply put, more conversion means more profit!

Reduce cost

Optimizing your website can effectively save you much money on Ads and Customer Acquisition Cost!

Increase value

Conversion Rate Optimization is an essential marketing activity because it makes every visitor exponentially more valuable.


What are visitors doing on your website?

You can't optimize what you don't know! Learn how your visitors are using your website in order to optimize and help them see value in your service.

  • Find the best performing copy with A/B Testing
  • See what your visitors do with Session Recording
  • Follow every steps of your visitor's footsteps
Follow every footsteps of your visitors via visitors journey.

Powerful yet easy to use tools

We designed our tools to be as easy as possible for our users, because we also hate it when softwares are too hard to use!

  • No coding effort
  • Visualized data insights
  • Auto event tracking

Increase Website Conversion Rates

Howuku is a new way to study your user engagement visually and use it to future proof your conversion strategies.

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"Great product and great team"
Besides the attractive price, I love the fact I can now see the behavior (clicks and scroll on a heatmap) segmented by traffic. Now I can see if visitors coming from Google are behaving differently from ads or other traffic sources. five star

Marco Kramer - Owner at IMAGA logo

"Real replacement to Hotjar"
Howuku is well designed product through customer-centric, easy of usage and performance in mind
I am a long time user of Figpii, Capturly and Hotjar. Howuku provides many of the features of these apps with great User Experience. Gained my trust that it will be way better than Capturly and Figpii, and at least head to head compete against the market leader Hotjar. five star

Ersan Temizyurek - co-founder of Learnia
Allen Borch at Howuku

When it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization, Howuku is my #1 go-to tool. If you are serious about AB testing and want to make more money, you need Howuku. five star

Allan Borch - Founder at DotcomDollar
Ahmed Qureshi

I've been looking for a better alternative to HotJar and CrazyEgg for years now, this is absolutely the best option on the market and it has everything you'd need to optimize your pages in the best way possible. five star

Ahmed Qureshi - Founder and CEO of Brand Overflow

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