Agency-friendly, cost-effective analytics and growth tool for Agencies

Howuku is lightweight (~4.5kb & 82ms) and complete web analytics to help you track user interaction, boost engagement, and improve conversion rates.
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Trusted by over 3,000 organizations

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We know what you need and how to grow your agency

Are you spending thousands of dollars on Marketing tech-stack? Well, you should seriously consider moving to Howuku and maximizing your ROI per client.

Unlimited Project

Yes. Unlimited websites. If you have 100 websites. You can use us for 100 websites NO EXTRA CHARGES.

We worked with agencies that onboard 100s of websites paying only few hundred dollars per month.

Full-stacked Tool

We cover almost everything... really!
You name it: Heatmaps, Session Recordings, A/B Testing, Personalization, Event Tracking, Analytics, Form Analytics, external/on-site Survey, Feedback, Conversion Funnel. Webhook and other integration.

Agency Pricing

Super cost-effective. Transparent one price, unlimited websites, more than 10 features.

No more SaaS fatigue and disconnected data!

Agency-friendly Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with your agency.
Simple and transparent pricing
Whether you have a 100 or 1000 clients, you can track all their websites with Howuku.
Maximizing your agency ROI
Time to review and see which marketing tech stack can be removed from your agency because Howuku is here!
Feature requests to assist your workflow
Your team will be using the tool and they may need a certain features to help them efficiently complete their tasks, and we are all ears!

Agency plan

Unlimited projects for agency
Full access to all Howuku features + unlimited projects.
Access to full features
500K monthly sessions
Up to 10 individual users
Export reports
12 months data storage
Feature requests
Howuku slack chat
Priority support
Talk to our sales team

Consolidate your marketing tech stack

Just one tracking code on your site. You get access to all the best features without relying on your development team to create new test experiments, personalize your website, or installing any other analytics tool anymore that slows down your site!

Powerful & Robust Heatmaps

You can see where they click, where they scroll, and how far they scroll, helping you understand what's working and what's not.

A/B Testing Visual Editor

Easily test different versions of your website to see which one performs better. Help you make data-driven decisions about your design and layout.

Session Replays & Recordings

Watch session replays of your website visitors like how you would watch a YouTube video.

Feedback & Survey Widgets

Gather feedback directly and create custom surveys and gather insights about what your users like and dislike about your website

Website Analytics

Clean and simple web analytics that gives you all the data you need without all the clutter. Perform conversion funnel and acquisition channels.

Third-party Integrations

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are getting more conversions.
"This is absolutely the best option on the market and it has everything you'd need to optimize your site."
Ahmed Qureshi
CEO, Brandoverflow
"Howuku provides many of the features with great experience and way better than its competition!"
Ersan Temizyurek
Co-founder, Learnia
"Thank you so much! Truly appreciate Howuku and love what you did with the technology!"
Asad Shah
Founder & CTO, Greenlync