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Why You Need A Feedback Widget On Your Site

Howuku Writer
July 26, 2020
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Why You Need A Feedback Widget On Your Site

Customer feedback is one of the significant factors in scaling your business. If you can hear your customer’s voice, it increases your brand’s value and gives you visibility. 

But, how do you get your customer’s feedback in an online store? Your online store has tons of products and each product needs feedback. Even as a part of the sales funnels, customer feedback plays a significant role. 

Feedback widgets can be a good way of getting the right feedback and incorporating your online store with trust and value.

It works by adding a feedback button to your website.

Your brand needs more attention besides trust and value. In this article, we have shared the advantages of adding a feedback widget to your website.

8 Benefits of Adding Feedback Widget On Your Website

The question arises; Why Customer Feedback Is Important to your business?

Here are the few benefits of using the feedback widget to get customer feedback from your customers. 

1. Build More Trust 

“Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services.”

New Voice Media

You can actually tell your audience that you care and your feedback is important to them. And, this plays a significant role in building the trust of your brand. 

Creating a customer-centric and enthralling website is pre-requisite for online stores especially e-Commerce. The quick and active response to your customer’s query will ensure that you care about them. 

Feedback widget tools give flexibility to the customer so that they can reach you with just a click.

If you add a feedback widget to your website for quick responses, the customers wouldn’t hesitate to try your brand for the second time. Remember, old customers, help build brand value.  

2.  Collect More Information

To thrive better in the business, you want as much information as you can from the customers. It’s about meeting the needs of the customers.

The more precise you are to customer’s demands, the more trust you will build.  Feedback widgets on your website are the best way to know about your customer’s demands and get more information about it. 

Getting negative feedback on your products and services is can fine-tune your website and optimize it for better performance. Instead of putting the reviews online, the customers can reach you directly giving the feedbacks. 

The feedback widget can bridge the gap between the customers and you. 

Visitors can report a bug in just matter of seconds.
Visitors can report a bug in just matter of seconds.

3. Feedback Makes Sales Easier

 Let’s say, a user clicks on the sign-up button or the discount button that doesn’t work anymore. Without the feedback button, the customer would probably bounce back. 

Using the feedback button, you make it easier for the customer to reach you out. You are in fact setting a lower barrier for the customers to reach you out. 

If you don’t a website widget on your website, it is likely to increase the frustration of your customers. You might probably end up missing a lot of leads and sales and that is something business hates. 

Also, feedbacks can be an immense part of your sales funnel and it serves the purpose of making the process as easy as it can. 

4. Keeps You Organized

Organizing customers using feedback

Everyone hates the unstructured emails and spammy inbox. Your customer might try to reach you through email and what if your email is lost somewhere.

One of the most significant advantages of putting the feedback button is that your messages would remain cluttered.

It would probably reduce your efforts to half and the response time for replying to each mail reduces significantly. 

Some feedback widgets allow custom fields so that you can prioritize such as orders, shipping, and other grievances. You don’t need a large sales team to organize your emails and messages. 

5. Creates The Best Customer Experience

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Sam Walton

True that! Your customers are the boss and they decide your fortune. And, that good fortune comes with better products and amazing customer experience. 

But, how to create a better experience? 

Your customers love instant replies and want their queries to solve asap. And. this needs a productive tool for instantly managing your customers. 

Hiring a human for this purpose could be a costly affair. Thus, feedback buttons in any form such as live chat, messenger, or Whatsapp chatbox can give your customers a better working experience. 

Brands like Nike and Amazon give their customers a memorable experience that builds a brand reputation. And, brand reputation can be built using word-of-mouth marketing. 

 If you give your brand such an experience, the chances of your brand recognition will get doubled.

6. Collect Your Audience’ Data

There are various ways to build your customer’s email list. Feedback button is yet another cool feature to gather your customer’s data and build your email list within minutes. 

Further, the email list is not that all you need. Adding the Messenger feedback button will connect you to the customers through Facebook.

That’s where you can reach them more swiftly for new product launch and promotions. 

Certainly, it is one of the toughest tasks to gather your customer’s data. And, to triumph over the competitors, you need a list of your target audiences. 

Once you achieve this task, you can reach your customers faster than your competitors to get more visibility.

7. It May Increase Conversions

Be it a small business niche, you will have competitors. And, the competitors that give useful information win over the others. 

The best way to convince your customer is to use social proof. Social proof means Review. The first thing your customer would look into before purchasing is for the review. 

The higher the price, the more they are interested in reading the reviews.

When customers recommend your product through reviews, it brings more conversions and builds a solid brand reputation. 

If you want to stay at the top and bring better sales, you need better reviews. 
Customer reviews cost nothing but work on referrals.

P.S.- Positive Reviews don’t ensure conversions but it is one of the cornerstones for your sales cycle. 

7.  Gather Quick Feedbacks

A customer-centric website is the one that offers quick access to the feedbacks. Switching between the tabs for getting help or asking for the recommendations can be tedious. 

Feedback widgets provide the contextual help and reduce the time and effort of the users. A feedback widget can be of great help!

If you are product, service, or e-commerce, you can use the feedback button to get feedback from the customers.  

8. Customers Feel Important & Involved

Your customers feel important when you ask an opinion from them. Your customer would feel more valued when you ask for a review. 

After they have purchased the product, asking them from the reviews will build trust and give you a chance for improvement.

When your customers feel listened, they will get back to you for the second time which could lead to more sales. 


If you are still skeptical about the benefits of the feedback button on your website, you must try them on your website and see the results.

A feedback button doesn’t take too much space on your task. Even the installation is easier. You can get the customer’s data with a single click. 

It is a no-brainer and you will not lose anything either. Feedbacks can be intimidating for the customers and businesses are curious about the prospect. 

Lastly, it can help you with ROI as well. I hope you won't hesitate to A/B test the feedback button on your website now.

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