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Introducing Cookieless Tracking

Yoong Shien
February 20, 2023
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Introducing Cookieless Tracking

User behavior tracking is a powerful tool that allows businesses to map entire customer journeys and offer present targeted content, resulting in increased conversions. This is usually preceded by a cookie consent banner requiring site visitors' consent before any tracking is done. 

However, personal data protection laws and privacy-conscious consumers are pushing cookies into obsoletion. This impending death of cookies is further accelerated by Google phasing out support for them by 2024

What was once taken for granted by marketers and advertisers, cookie-based tracking scripts will soon be relics of days bygone. But despite the seemingly bleak future ahead, user behavior tracking isn't going anywhere soon

Enter cookieless tracking, the latest addition to Howuku's future-proofing roadmap. 

What is cookieless tracking?

Cookieless tracking refers to tracking website visitor behavior without relying on cookies, as Google Analytics does. Instead, this method utilizes what's called "fingerprinting".

How does fingerprinting work? Whenever a user connects to Chrome, their device sends information such as screen resolution and browser settings, even if they did not accept permission for cookies on the site. 

Through various fingerprinting algorithm techniques, we can combine the information and sort them into different user profiles, or "identifiers". Then, users can still receive personalized content (albeit more limited) without the need for cookies. 

Benefits of cookieless tracking

At Howuku, we are committed to providing our users with the most advanced and effective tools for optimizing their websites. With the release of our cookieless tracking feature, we are proud to offer a cutting-edge solution that provides several benefits over traditional cookie-based tracking

  • Better accuracy: Since cookies can be deleted or blocked, cookie-based tracking can be less accurate. Cookieless tracking provides a more reliable and consistent source of data.
  • No cross-device limitations: Cookies are typically device-specific, which means that tracking users across multiple devices can be challenging. Cookieless tracking overcomes this limitation and allows us to track users more effectively.
  • Competitive advantage: By adopting cookieless tracking, Howuku is future-proofing its analytics strategy and setting itself apart from competitors who are still reliant on traditional cookie-based tracking methods.

Cookieless tracking in Howuku

We are excited to offer cookieless tracking to all users and hope that it enhances the quality of user behavior data collected. To activate cookieless tracking, users will need to opt-in for it in the settings. Cookieless tracking will not be switched on by default. 


Will cookieless tracking impact the accuracy of data collected by Howuku?

Cookieless tracking should not impact the accuracy of data collected by Howuku. In fact, it can improve data accuracy by reducing the likelihood of inaccurate tracking caused by cookie deletion, blocking, or expiration.

How will cookieless tracking affect website performance?

Cookieless tracking should have minimal to no impact on website performance since it doesn't rely on cookies that require additional time to be sent with each request.

Will users be required to take any action to enable cookieless tracking in Howuku?

No, users will not be required to take any actions or additional subscriptions to enable cookieless tracking in Howuku. Users, however, have to opt-in for cookieless tracking for every connected website. 

How does cookieless tracking differ from other tracking methods?

Cookieless tracking is more privacy-friendly by using non-identifiable attributes of the user's device, anonymized IP and browser information to identify unique visitors.

Is cookieless tracking more secure than other tracking methods?

Cookieless tracking is not necessarily more secure than traditional tracking methods. However, it is vastly more effective because it does not rely on the use of cookies, which is inhibited by a cookie permission popup. 

What happens to existing tracking data once cookieless tracking is implemented?

Existing tracking data will not be affected by the implementation of cookieless tracking. The data collected using previous tracking methods will remain available in Howuku, while new data will be collected using the updated tracking method should you choose to opt-in for cookieless tracking.

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