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Low-Budget Growth Hacking Tools Your Product Team Will Love

Donald Ng
June 1, 2023
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Low-Budget Growth Hacking Tools Your Product Team Will Love

As a growth marketer, you're likely juggling numerous responsibilities and trying to power through a tight budget.

Along with your marketing team, your product team also plays a crucial role in driving growth. Wouldn't it be great to find low-budget growth hacking tools that empower your product team to make significant contributions to your company's growth?

Well, your search ends here! In this article, we've compiled a list of cost-effective growth hacking tools that offer top-notch features for a fraction of the price. These tools will not only enable your product team to meet their goals but also work harmoniously with marketing to boost overall business growth.

So, let's dive in!

1. Howuku

Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics Platform | Howuku ...

Starting at just $24/month, Howuku is an all-in-one conversion optimization platform that offers incredible value for your product team. With its suite of features, including heatmaps, visitor recordings, and A/B testing, Howuku makes it easy to analyze user behavior and pinpoint areas for improvement on your website or app.

This affordable growth hacking tool also provides an on-site feedback and survey system, enabling your product team to collect valuable user insights. Armed with these data-driven findings, they can make well-informed decisions to optimize user experience (UX) and boost conversion rates.

Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics Platform | Howuku Analytics

2. A/B Testing Tool. Reliable & Affordable.

As an affordable and powerful A/B testing tool. offers comprehensive A/B testing and personalization solutions starting at $99/month. Your product team can take advantage of its intuitive interface and advanced targeting options to run various experiments that refine website or app performance.

By leveraging's insights, your product team can make data-driven decisions that result in improved user engagement and increased conversions. The platform also offers extensive integrations with analytics, eCommerce, and marketing tools, ensuring seamless collaboration with your marketing team for maximum growth.

Convert Experiences Pricing: Most Affordable A/B Testing Tool

3. Trello

File:Trello logo.svg - Wikipedia

When it comes to staying organized and managing projects, a flexible but comprehensive tool like Trello is a must-have. With its free version offering core features and the paid version starting at only $5/user/month, Trello allows your product and marketing teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Trello's highly visual and customizable interface allows for easy tracking and management of tasks. Add labels, due dates, attachments, and even checklists to help your product team stay on top of their workload. Trello is an essential tool for better prioritization and organization across the entire company.

What is Trello: Learn Features, Uses & More | Trello

4. Zapier

Zapier's new look: A glimpse into Zapier's rebrand

Automation is a growth marketer's best friend, and Zapier is one of the most powerful and versatile tools out there. With a starting price of only $19.99/month, Zapier allows you to automate processes across over 3,000 apps, reducing manual work and boosting productivity.

For product teams, Zapier can help automate many tedious tasks, such as tracking feature requests from customers, managing feature requests in Trello, or tracking user activity in your CRM. By connecting various apps you already use, Zapier transforms your workflow by automating repetitive steps, allowing your product team to focus on growth-centric tasks.

How the heck do I use Zapier?

5. Plausible

Plausible Analytics | Simple, privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

A more privacy-friendly and affordable alternative to Google Analytics, Plausible offers web analytics with a focus on simplicity and user privacy. With plans starting at just $9/month for up to 10,000 monthly pageviews, it's an excellent choice for small- to mid-sized companies looking for comprehensive website insights without compromising user privacy.

Your product team can leverage Plausible's straightforward dashboard to identify trends, gaps, and pain points in user engagement. With its emphasis on preserving user privacy by not collecting personal data, Plausible is a great tool for businesses that prioritize both growth and the user's trust.

Not only does Plausible provide valuable website performance data, but it also helps your product team identify areas for improvement. With its focus on user privacy and GDPR compliance, Plausible is an essential low-budget tool for any growth-driven product team.

Dashboard FAQ | Plausible docs

6. Mailerlite

File:MailerLite Logo.svg - Wikipedia

MailerLite is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to Mailchimp for email marketing, automation, and audience management. With a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers and paid plans starting as low as $9/month, MailerLite enables product teams to effectively communicate with customers, collect feedback, and nurture leads without breaking the bank.

Keep your users updated with product updates, announcements, and promotional offers by utilizing MailerLite's user-friendly, targeted email campaigns. Their intuitive drag-and-drop email builder allows your team to create visually stunning templates without any coding, resulting in increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

With its pricing and features, MailerLite is an ideal low-budget growth hacking tool to help your product team thrive.

MailerLite Pricing, Reviews and Features (May 2023) -

7. Typeform

File:Typeform logo-01.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Typeform offers a free plan and affordable paid plans starting at $25/month, allowing your product team to create engaging, visually appealing forms to capture valuable customer feedback and insights.

Whether it be gathering feedback on a new feature, gauging customer satisfaction, or conducting research, Typeform makes it simple to create customized forms that seamlessly integrate with your brand. With its user-friendly interface and analytics features, Typeform is a valuable low-budget tool for any growth-driven product team.

KINAMU Typeform Connector for Surveys – KINAMU Business Solutions GmbH


Effective growth hacking doesn't have to break the bank, as proven by these affordable tools. By empowering your product team with these budget-friendly growth hacking tools, you can enhance their efficiency, enable them to collaborate closely with marketing, and contribute significantly to your company's overall growth. So go ahead, try these tools, and watch your product team flourish!

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