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Product Marketing and Growth Marketing: What's the difference?

Donald Ng
June 2, 2023
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Product Marketing and Growth Marketing: What's the difference?
Are you finding yourself scratching your head, puzzled by the terms product marketing and growth marketing? You're not alone.

These marketing approaches focus on distinct aspects of customer engagement and help businesses achieve their goals in their unique ways. In this article, we will delve into the differences and similarities between product and growth marketing, how they complement each other, and how businesses can effectively leverage them to grow and succeed.

In a nutshell, product marketing focuses on understanding the target audience's needs and desires, and tailoring the product and its promotion to address those needs. Product marketing managers (PMMs) develop strategies that ensure the product and its marketing resonate with the target audience. In contrast, growth marketing aims at attracting a broader target audience using data-driven experiments, continually refining strategies to grow, and scale products.

Product Marketing: The Audience Expert

A PMM's role revolves around identifying and understanding the target audience. To achieve this, PMMs conduct research, collect data, and gather insights to develop a deep understanding of potential buyers' pain points, needs, and preferences. They use this information to tailor the product's messaging, positioning, and promotion.

Product marketing goes beyond attracting new users—it also involves working on product adoption, user onboarding, and driving customer retention. Moreover, PMMs collaborate closely with multiple departments, such as product management, sales, and customer success teams, to ensure that the product value proposition is articulated and conveyed effectively.

Growth Marketing: The Experiment Enthusiast

On the other hand, growth marketing is rooted in experimenting with various tactics to acquire and engage customers. Building on the research and insights gathered by product marketing, growth marketers develop and execute data-driven strategies to generate leads, convert them into paying customers, and ultimately, drive revenue.

Growth marketing relies heavily on creativity and innovation. By embracing a growth mindset, growth marketers are continually exploring, testing, and iterating marketing tactics across different channels. Using a diverse array of tactics, growth marketers can reach new audience segments, experiment with various customer touchpoints, and optimize marketing spend.

The Synergy Between Product and Growth Marketing

While product and growth marketing have their unique focus areas, they also share multiple interests and often work together. Both approaches move beyond the conventional marketing funnel, extending their influence over customer retention, feature adoption, upselling, and referrals. Here, product and growth marketing teams collaborate extensively, sharing insights and data collected during their respective research and analysis.

The Importance of a Balanced Approach

A balanced approach in implementing both product and growth marketing will ensure that your business can engage customers effectively and maximize your products' or services' potential. Product marketing sets the stage with the right message and positioning, while growth marketing scales your reach and drives growth.

Combining the strengths of product and growth marketing results in a cohesive marketing strategy that addresses the needs, preferences, and expectations of your target audience at various customer journey touchpoints.


Product marketing and growth marketing, while distinct in their characteristics and responsibilities, are two sides of the same coin. By recognizing their differences and harnessing their combined power, businesses can create and execute effective marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience and accelerate growth. Ultimately, combining product and growth marketing is an essential part of a winning marketing formula for modern businesses.

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