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How To Increase Your Site Conversions With Visitor Recordings

Donald Ng
May 16, 2019
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How To Increase Your Site Conversions With Visitor Recordings

Your website is like a building with a lot of activities ongoing simultaneously, and visitor recordings are like CCTV inside that building.

However the difference between the two, one is to provide a better user experience and another one is to provide a sense of security.

Website visitors can be very expensive to come by, therefore it is absolutely crucial for every website to make the most out of it with visitor recordings.

You either win or you learn (with visitor recordings)!

Many people would pay ad companies to acquire visitors, and if they're lucky they get to convert a percentage of those visitors.

What if those visitors who left can serve a greater purpose, we can turn them into valuable information to make a better website experience.

In this internet world data is king - who masters the data will rule the world!

You either convert or you learn from the leavers, it wouldn't make sense otherwise if you don't learn from the leavers, would it?

Why did they leave?

You don't know your visitors, they're basically strangers that would never in a lifetime talk to you.

Most of them don't bother to give you feedback because they simply don't care about you, hence it is super important to make the user feedback experience less painful for your users.

For every visitor that left your website, you're missing out on valuable insight that could otherwise help you convert more customers.

Can you imagine if 10,000 visitors come to your website every month, and you get an average conversion rate of 2.35%

The average conversion rate is 2.35%
source: What is a good conversion rate?

What happened to the 97.65%?

Can we possibly jack the conversion rate number higher, wouldn't that be awesome or unicorns even?

Okay, maybe not all those visitors are your targeted audience, some of them might be lost and accidentally landed on your website for whatever reasons.

Let's say only 30% of them are interested in your website/product/service and were your ideal targeted audience.

That is 2,765 potential customers that go undocumented and are wasted just like that, and the number adds up quickly with time!

So, why did they leave, do you know?

Watch tower
Watch tower. Source: Unsplash

They say an image is worth a thousand words. What about visitor recordings?

Every visitor is an opportunity to become your potential loyal customer, we have to make every visitor count.

The easy way to document and find out why visitors are leaving your website is through visitor recordings or session replay.

Visitor recordings allow you to record everything that visitors do on your website. The recordings will capture your visitor's mouse movement, mouse clicks, and scrolling activity.

You can set up visitor recordings on your website in less than one minute, and there are many services out there literally cost you $0 to start visitor recording.

You can instantly see the effects of visitor recordings once you have integrated it into your website.

By watching sessions of your visitor you get a clear idea of what your visitors do on your website and find out if there were any potential leakage in your user onboarding flow.

Common issues that can divert conversion in a website:

  • Broken hyperlinks in your website
  • Unresponsive UI that blocked up the most screen
  • Javascript stopped working because of bad code.
  • Complicated onboarding experience

How can visitor recording empower your team?

Consider how visitor recordings can empower your team and make life easier:

  • Web developers can easily pinpoint the culprit and fix bugs faster with the ability to watch back a user's session replay
  • Your website visitors or users will take on the Testers job, and be reporting directly to you on any bug encounters via session replay.
  • Digital Marketers gain a better understanding of their targeted audience, and how to sell their product better with instant visual feedback.
  • Product Managers can get their idea validated by observing how end-users are interacting with their products.

CRO platform is rather expensive

It is the common impression that conversion rate optimization tools can be rather expensive for many startups out there. Hence, Howuku is on a mission to bring the price down to an affordable price point for all sizes of startups.

Please let me know what you think about visitor recordings. We are really excited to learn about what you think.

To find out more about Howuku and Visitor Recordings, click here.

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