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Howuku can help with your COVID-19 response

Howuku can help you truly understand your website's users behaviour during critical periods like we are facing right now.

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Are you fighting the spread of COVID-19 or helping those affected?

Howuku is available for free to any company or institution who is participating in the fight against COVID-19 and its impact on society.

Experience optimization

Fullstack Experience Optimization Platform

We designed the way to help businesses easily identify pain points in every aspect of your web app process. Together, we shaped the new standard.


Let your users express their sentiment towards your business by making it easy as possible.


Visually understand how your users interact with your site and how to optimize your website for success.

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“Cool tool. It is absolutely awesome functionality and a breeze to use.”

Julie Bateman
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“Better than all the rest. Great support and responsive from Donald.”

Asad U. Shah

“I'm quite happy with what you do. Keep up with the good work!”

Baris Demiray