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7 Creative And Engaging Ways To Generate Leads In Social Media

Howuku Writer
July 15, 2022
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7 Creative And Engaging Ways To Generate Leads In Social Media

According to Hootesuite Social media marketing has reduced costs for 45% of businesses. On top of that, businesses grew by 24% by using social media for lead generation. An average lead costs $2.50 on Google and $0.80 on Facebook. That’s a 32% cost efficiency through social media advertisement.

Almost half of the population today who use the internet today are on social media. They use it every day to send huge amounts of information to the platforms. This information is useful for getting leads from social media. Marketers can use it to reach out directly to their audience.

Now, most businesses run their campaigns on social media sites. This is because it offers low-cost marketing to a limited audience. And with that in mind, if you aren't already using social media to find leads for your business, you are missing out on a huge number of possible customers.

Don’t know how to get started? Here are a few tips you can try to get your lead generation feat on Social Media rolling! 

Create fun quizzes

Content marketers work increasingly hard to generate social media content that’s engaging and capable enough of generating more leads. But not all content works the intended way.

Engaging social media quizzes can boost conversions 70% of the time, and the fact that 50% of quiz participants subscribe to an email list is already a compelling enough reason.

Social media quizzes are arguably the most competitive forms of content out there that many marketers overlook as a viable strategy. But when implemented into the brand’s marketing strategy, they can generate leads and increase engagement and provide value to your audience.

Personality quizzes are the most popular form of quizzes that people love to take as well as share with others.

All you need to do is use a good online quiz maker to create engaging quizzes. You also have to provide some value to the audience, if you expect them to share their personal information with you. This value can be of any type, including a discount code, free entry into a giveaway, a valuable ebook, etc. Once you collect the data, you can retarget your audience with personalized content they love, give product recommendations that are perfect for their needs, analyze the data for market research, and more.

Run contest

One way to promote your product on social media is by running a contest. You may say that it is an overused method. That’s true. But it still works.

There are two reasons businesses run contests. First, they get many leads that can benefit the business. Second, the participants of each contest can share it with more people. This increases the post’s reach even further.

The only negative part of social contests is that the leads gathered this way are not always relevant.

So, filtering relevant leads is essential through lead nurturing.

Share links to gated content

Everyone likes valuable content. If you have valuable insights about your product, you can put them behind a gate. Share this gated content piece to social media and gather relevant social media leads

A common example of gated contents:

  • E-book
  • Templates
  • Guides

The whole point of these gated contents is that you give them out for free in exchange of your customer's information.

Run ads

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn now offer Lead Generation Ads. These allow marketers to collect direct leads with targeted marketing to social media users right on the platform. They don’t have to click those ads and move to a landing page to fill a form. The process is simple. Users click on the form and fill it. In response, they will either get an ebook or a gated content for free.

See how a user adds a name and email address to a form on a Facebook ad. The process took less than 30 seconds. This saves both the marketer and user time.

Use geo-targeted search

Social media platforms also offer location-based targeting options. This allows marketers to send promotions to a targeted audience. They can send gated content to users and target them with lead generation ads or polls to get feedback.

Conduct webinars and live sessions

Another strategy to generate leads from social media is by using hangouts, live videos, and webinars. Most business conduct webinars on a particular topic with advanced registration. The idea is to collect as many leads as you can. Because the registration is in advance so most people will not even attend the webinar. But it will help the company get relevant leads.

Hangouts include a few people interested in a topic. An example is ‘Google hangouts’. The person who starts the hangouts can invite people to join it. At most 150 people can join the hangouts at a single time.

Live videos are not gated content. Businesses do live videos when they have an announcement to make, when they are present at an event, or when they want to quickly answer a few user questions.

For live videos, businesses can go for in-video promotion or gated content. They can also direct the viewer to contests and landing pages of their choice. There are many options available with live videos. Facebook and Youtube both offer live video facilities. You can even add links to your webinar, or forms/polls to turn the viewers into leads.

Click through to a landing page

A landing page is developed to turn leads into customers. For example, if you are selling cloud hosting, you should have a landing page for WordPress Cloud Hosting, Magento Cloud Hosting, etc.

Developing a landing page is also a good idea if you don’t have a gated piece of content available for sharing on social media.

Note: Social media users don’t like abrupt promotions, and unfortunately landing page sharing falls in that area.

Hence, while sharing your landing pages, focus on paid/sponsored promotions.

Which Social Media Lead Generation Platform is good for my business?

A one-word answer: Test.

You can use a number of platforms for lead generation, all depending on your requirements. But for starters, test each platform for at least three months before moving to the next.

The one that helps you generate the most leads will be the best social media platform.

How to know if I am generating relevant leads from social media?

The relevancy of generated leads is hard to find in the start. But once you have a strategy in place, you can remove leads that aren’t turning into customers. Find relevant leads on social media groups and communities in your industry.

How can I increase social media leads?

Here are a few ways to increase the number of leads you get from social media.

  • Use enticing titles within your posts that you want to share on social media platforms.
  • Find a successful strategy and work on it
  • Promote that strategy to your targeted audience
  • Experiment with a new audience and new ways of promotion
  • See what your competition is doing and follow that

Generating social media leads takes time. It isn’t a one day process. Even expert marketers get confused when they can’t generate relevant leads from social media by following lead generation best practices. Therefore, it’s better to keep trying. Experiment. Try new ways of promotion, and explore new channels of social media marketing to get the ball rolling.

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