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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Use!

Howuku Writer
July 28, 2022
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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Use!

Businesses today rely heavily on digital marketing tools to keep up with the competition online. Quite dramatic but it's true! The marketing field today is now online, and for a business to reach more people, it must learn how to engage in this arena best - through the use of modern-day marketing tools.

The good news is, that these tools aren't that difficult to use and there's a wide range for each platform you want to market to. To help you get familiar with these tools, we've listed down the top digital marketing tools, so you don't have to!

Conversion optimization tools

When it comes to getting people to buy something on your site, even small changes can make a big difference.

Changing the color of your call-to-action button, changing a single word, or simply moving your CTA button to a different spot can make the difference between someone signing up for your free trial and leaving your page. Conversion optimization software is one of the digital marketing tools you can use to find low-hanging fruit for making more money.


Howuku is a platform that lets you see what your site visitors are doing and how they are acting in real-time.

The Howuku platform lets you see what your site visitors do and how they act in real-time.

With the help of heatmaps, you can see where people are clicking (or not clicking). It also works simultaneously with the platform's session recording feature which video records visitors' journey -  you can literally see at a glance how they are behaving on your website.

Howuku Best Dynamic Heatmap For Website

It comes with other features like a/b testing, survey forms, analytics, etc, all of which are made to make your conversion rate analysis easier to break down and understand. Ultimately, it's easier to understand your customer behavior and leverage it to your advantage with Howuku.


Unbounce is a great tool for quickly making new landing pages to test, tweaking them, and putting them online. Built-in A/B testing and variant analytics can tell you exactly which creatives, calls to action, and other page elements work (and which don't).

Even if you're not much of a designer, you can start with Unbounce's tried-and-true landing page templates and change them to fit your style. The platform's analytics determine which versions of your landing pages work best.

unbounce A/B test example

SEO (search engine optimization) tools

As the digital world gets more competitive, anything companies can do to make themselves more visible in search results is a good thing. SEO can be hard to understand, especially for new businesses. However, there are many online marketing tools that can help you find search opportunities and improve your search engine efforts.


SEMrush is a staple SEO tool, it's one of the go-to tools among marketers. It lets users track the position of the most important keywords and look for new terms to rank for.

semrush seo tool dashboard results

The tool's breakdown of keyword ideas, difficulty, and variations which is great for coming up with ideas for content and figuring out what people are looking for.


Ahrefs is the best tool for coming up with keyword ideas and ranking opportunities.

The site explorer on the platform lets you see the top organic keywords for any URL and estimate how much traffic a competitor gets for any given search term. You can also find a site's best content and where backlinks come from.

In short, Ahrefs is a great tool for both analyzing your competitors and making sure that the content you already have is search-friendly.

ahrefs keyword dashboard result


Clearscope is an SEO tool that helps users make the most of keyword opportunities and optimize the already produced content.  The platform has a detailed editor that can suggest keywords, headers, and readability to help you write (or rewrite) high-ranking blog posts that are well-balanced. This is especially helpful for writing content.

Clearscope helps users with every part of search engine optimization from scratch with a content strategy or giving existing blogs a facelift.

Social media marketing tools

We've seen firsthand how social media has evolved into a top marketing channel for companies today. It is a great place to nurture leads and build business relationships, and it's also great for gathering valuable data about your customers' needs and wants.

Trying to manage all of the moving parts of social media "by hand" is a recipe for disaster or exhaustion, to say the least. To juggle various social media channels with ease, you can use the following tools:

Sprout Social

Sprout is a platform for managing social media to help businesses organize their content calendar and assets in one place. This lets you publish and schedule your content on multiple platforms at just the right time, based on when your followers are most likely to be online.

Sprout Social is one of the best online tools for social media marketing.
It features for managing social media, but it also makes it easy to work with colleagues and customers. Our Smart Inbox lets you see all of your social messages at once, so you can reply thoughtfully and on time.

Also included with Sprout is a full set of social analytics.

Sprout Social is among the best digital marketing tools for social media

Sprout shows you your best-performing posts and the success of your social campaigns, so you don't have to guess how to improve the performance of your content. With powerful social listening tools, you can find trends, hashtags, and ways to reach out to new customers.


Loomly’s self-described “brand success platform” is a tool that’s ideal for smaller social teams looking to organize and collaborate on content.

Built-in calendars, deadlines, and workflows make both scheduling and brainstorming content a breeze. As an added bonus, Loomly actually curates fresh content ideas for users based on trending topics and Twitter conversations.

The clean, no-frills interface is easy to navigate and friendly to users who might not be the most tech-savvy. The affordability of the platform is enticing for solo businesses and smaller agencies looking to wrangle their social presence.

Loomly digital marketing collaboration


You can't be a social media marketer if you don't know what social listening is. With audiense, you can do exactly that on multiple social media channels simultaneously.

Audiense lets you identify and categorize potential customers on social media in a more efficient manner. For example, it makes it easier for you to execute highly focused ad campaigns and better understand client profiles. You'd be shocked at how much you can discover about your audience just by looking at demographics, personality traits, and more.

For both B2B and B2C, Audiense's platform is a terrific way to learn more about your target demographic by focusing solely on Twitter.

Audiense insights dashboard

Email marketing tools

Email is one of the most tried-and-tested, scalable marketing channels that businesses can use today. So, email solutions are an important part of Internet marketing software for both big and small businesses.

Let's look at some tools that can help you break down your customer data and put a lot of your marketing on autopilot. These tools can help you build lists, improve deliverability, and come up with great offer campaigns.


HubSpot is a company known for its CRM and inbound marketing software, just came out with a product for email marketing. HubSpot Email Marketing is easy to use, has great deliverability, and, of course, works with all of HubSpot's other products, like the free CRM and hundreds of other popular marketing tools. The tool has a free plan with up to 2,000 emails sent per month, contact lists, a drag-and-drop email builder, and ready-made templates so you can start right away.
 Their email marketing platform simplifies things by connecting different tools and making them work together, like  Sprout Social. As part of Sprout's care features, you can make tasks for your customer care team and give them to other people to do. By connecting Sprout and HubSpot, your team can create, track, manage, and solve issues without leaving the app.


We know that there are more ways to market with email than we can count. Still, one of the best things about SendGrid is that it has a free plan for new businesses that will always be free and prices that go up as your list grows.

SendGrid has a full set of email marketing services, and many of them are easy to use for both newbies and old pros.

For example, you can use drag-and-drop editing, code, or a combination of both to create designs on the platform. SendGrid also has in-depth deliverability and performance analytics that show marketers which messages are working and which ones need work.

sendgrid dashboard


Lemlist is different from the other email marketing tools because the platform's main goal is to make sure emails get to the right people. Lemlist is great for optimizing your existing campaigns because it shows you the best times (and how often) to send your emails to get more opens and clicks.

Lemlist can show you how to warm up your list so you don't have to second-guess your marketing efforts.

There are also tools to personalize your outreach emails so they don't sound like spam and follow-up email sequences to get more responses from cold prospects.

lemlist dash example


Moosend is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use digital marketing tools. It's a great email solution for people who are just starting to build their list.

Built into the platform are campaigns that don't need code, simple automation, and reports that are easy to read. Paid users can also use features like mobile pop-ups and countdown timers on landing pages.

moosend abandon cart dashboard

Graphic creation tools

Images are the most important part of social marketing and branding in general. Digital marketing tools like Canva have become the go-to for making eye-catching visuals if you don't have the money for a designer or are running a do-it-yourself business.

Still, there are a few other tools for making graphics that you should look into so that your ideas don't get old.

Creatopy (formerly Bannersnack)

Creatopy is a tool for making graphics and illustrations similar to Canva, but it has a lot of features that marketers will find useful.

For example, the design sets and brand kits on the platform make it easy to work with other marketers and keep your brand creatives in order. This is especially helpful for agencies that manage a lot of clients or social media accounts for many people.

The ability to change the same design in different formats (like a desktop banner and a mobile app) with just one click saves a lot of time.

Creatopy graphic design tool lets you create brand design kits and graphics collaboratively with your team.


The main focus of Visme's platform is on making presentations and visualising data.

Since infographics and new data are two of the most shared types of content on social media, Visme is perfect for people who share a lot of research on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Aside from just making graphics, the platform lets you pull data from outside sources (like spreadsheets) to make it easy to make presentations.

Visme graph creator for creating presentations and data visualization.


Another company that makes graphics with an emphasis on infographics is Venngage. You can change your infographics in any way you want with the help of spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations. With a lot of built-in graphics, you can change any infographic to match your brand.

Venngage is a graphic creation tools that has spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations.

Lead enrichment tools

It's well known that most people who visit your website don't give you enough information when they leave.

There are business intelligence tools that can help you learn more about your leads and highlight important information so you can get in touch with them once they've shown interest. Lead enrichment tools help your outbound and prospecting marketing efforts by giving you a more complete picture of your traffic. These tools are especially useful for B2B marketing.


Clearbit creates an up-to-date profile of your leads by pulling information from more than 100 sources, such as Salesforce and other marketing platforms. This helps your outreach efforts go more smoothly. Some of the things that are found out are the company, the role, and the size of the company.

Instead of having to dig for information or rely on old data, the platform updates itself every 30 days to make sure your data is always up-to-date. This gives you the confidence to prospect and saves you a lot of time in the process.

clearbit screenshot showing warm lead information and industry


Like Clearbit, Datanyze finds important contact information for your on-site leads so you can fill out your digital rolodex. The platform is also great for prospecting on LinkedIn because it pulls social data about decision-makers.

Datanyze captures information on warm leads via their LinkedIn profiles

Landing page and lead capture tools

As people's attention spans get shorter, it's important to work hard to keep people's attention once they get to your site. Lead capture-focused marketing platforms make sure that your traffic isn't wasted and that visitors are more likely to take action. When it's done right, it leads to more leads and sales.


This platform lets users get customers' attention and keep them from clicking away from personalized pop-ups.

Behavior-based targeting on the platform means that your pop-ups don't have to be annoying. It focuses on lead capture and messages for people who are about to leave.

For example, OptiMonk tells its users to divide up their marketing messages and only send them when it makes sense to do so. You can make campaigns that speak to all of your customers, from those who have bought from you before to those who are just looking around for the first time.

The good thing about OptiMonk is that it is easy to use. Brands can customize their messages based on pop-ups that have been shown to work. There are a lot of templates with known average click-through rates.

OptiMonk's platform allows businesses to create personalized pop-ups.


Typeform is more than just creating minimalist but professional looking forms.  It can let users create quizzes, surveys, other interactive forms that are useful in lead generation initiatives. 

Typeform's intake forms are way more stylish than most pop-ups and don't feel like ads at all. The platform has a simple editor and makes it easy to embed content. 

Typeform is a sleek tool for creating minimalist forms.


MailMunch is a hybrid email marketing and landing page tool that helps users build their list. It has a number of interesting form types and emails you can send to leads after they have signed up.

The platform lets you divide your audience into groups based on things like how often they buy and who they are. Also, their goal-based form builder is easy to use and gives you a choice of templates to work with.

MailMunch is a hybrid email marketing and landing page tool offering engaging form types and emails to send to leads.

You don't need to have all of them just find one that suits you

You can simplify your marketing efforts and automate a lot of work if you have the right marketing tools at your disposal. A robust digital marketing stack may be built using any combination of the following tools. Don't be afraid to put your ideas to test and see what works best for your company's needs and budget.

With your digital marketing tools in order, you'll be able to confidently go forward with your campaigns and keep a stronger pulse on your marketing activities.

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