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Free session giveaway for a lifetime

Howuku Writer
September 8, 2022
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Free session giveaway for a lifetime

Perhaps you have already experienced how Howuku can help you understand website visitors just like unlocking the full potential of your website.

You use Heatmap to know which spot of your website visitors love the most and the least. You put effort into the hot spot to engage with visitors.

Every day, you enjoy watching session recordings on how your visitors browse your entire website, spot your visitor's struggling points and gain insight on how to improve conversion rate.

With the Event tracking, you know the click-through rate of your CTA button and also drill down to watch all the visitors that clicked on your CTA.

Someday, you no longer can watch your new visitor data, you miss the moment of enjoying session recording. You might be running some experience on your website and be waiting to see the result.

You can't verify your idea due to your session tracking is finished. You need more sessions to get more visitor insight but you are not ready to upgrade to the next plan. Well, you're in luck! Howuku is launching a Session Giveaway Program.

Introduction of Session Giveaway Program

The session giveaway program provides you with up to 2.6k sessions to keep track of more visitors.

Website visitor data is very crucial to the business as it directly tells how well their website engages with users, whether the important message and elements can catch the user's attention, and find out why the user drops off before reaching the checkout page.

Imagine you missing out on meaningful and important visitor insight due to being out of session? You never know how it's important to your business.

How to get free sessions?

To enrol on this program, we have no special requirement, you will get extra free sessions immediately after you do the following step :

Step #1 Invite your friend to join Howuku

Invite your friend to try Howuku together and hope they can unlock their website potential like you. For every friend that accepts your invitation, you will get extra 200 sessions. The more friend you invite, the more sessions you will earn.

Step #2 Follow and Like Howuku's official accounts

Howuku will update the latest news and optimization tips from time to time on the official account. Subscribing to our official account through in-app will give you up to 400 sessions.

Step #3 Share Howuku on social media

Share your wow moment with your circle of friends that would help them to benefit from Howuku. In return, we will reward you with another 200 free sessions.

The above steps need to carry on in-app. Let's go to grab free sessions today!

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