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We have launched website heatmap feature

Donald Ng
April 4, 2019
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We have launched website heatmap feature
Howuku homepage heatmap for the past 10 days

We've officially launched Website Heatmap Tracking feature today, be sure to check it out in your Howuku dashboard if you're an exciting user, it's available to our free tier plan.

If you haven't heard about a Heatmap, yet. It is basically the "futuristic" tech which allows you to see what's popular on your website, e.g. which part of your website is getting the most attention and if your new launch product is getting much attention at all.

Heatmap will be using the same data as the previously recorded sessions, if you've already been using our recording feature, you can start seeing the result in your Howuku dashboard.

It's one step forward to adding another really cool conversion rate tools under our belt, making us more well-rounded as a Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) company.

We first started with only user feedback, followed by visitor analytic, and visitor session recording. Now, we have finally launched a Website Heatmap feature!

Our heatmap feature is currently still in the beta phase, in bare minimum form without any advanced feature to it, only mouse movement and clicking heatmap are can be used now. We will surely add more features to it soon!

Let us know about your experience with our heatmap feature, and how we can help you make your website better than it already was, we'd be glad to hear it from you!

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