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16 Open-Ended Survey Questions To Measure Website Customer Satisfaction

Howuku Writer
July 30, 2022
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16 Open-Ended Survey Questions To Measure Website Customer Satisfaction

Using open-ended survey questions is one way to find out how happy your customers are with your company and products. Depending on the type of business, customer satisfaction surveys can look and work in different ways. Some popular survey methods use a variety of questions to come up with overall customer satisfaction metrics like a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), a Customer Effort Score (CES), or a Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Once you've decided on the key points in the buying process where you'll survey customers, you can set a goal for each one. 

Here are 16 of the best survey questions to help you generate insight-driven customer satisfaction feedback. You can take inspiration from these questions or copy them on your website feedback form or survey!

How do you feel about the product?

Asking customers about how happy they are with a product or service as a whole is a good way to get information at different points in the buying cycle. You could ask this question right after a purchase, after a certain number of weeks or months, or after an exchange or other service event. Measuring customer satisfaction at different points in the cycle shows how customer satisfaction changes over time. It's usually given as a multiple-choice question with a score range, like 1–5.

What are three important things we don't have?

This is a very important question for software companies because their products often have a lot of features that directly compete with other products. Most customers will only care about a few features, so this question can help you figure out which ones they want. It helps you figure out how your customers use your product and which new features should be the most important on your product roadmap.

Which of these words do you think best describes our product?

Asking your customer to describe your product can help you figure out what is good or bad about it. The answers will help you figure out how well you're explaining your value proposition and whether or not customers get it. If you want to rank known keywords in order of importance, you can ask this question as a multiple-choice list. If you just want feedback, you can ask it in an open-ended way.

What do you like best about the thing or service?

One of the best ways to use feedback from customers is to improve future products. This question will help you find out what your customers think is the most valuable feature, which you can then compare to your current value proposition or product roadmap. For future success, it's important to make sure that your most valuable features are well supported and a part of your core product roadmap.

Please write your opinion about our product in the box below.

This kind of question is shown as an open-ended text box with a limit of about 10 text lines or 500 characters. It's a great question to ask when you want to know how a customer personally feels about a product and want to give them the freedom to use their own words. Using this kind of question can help you get information that you might not get from multiple-choice questions.

Does our product help you get what you want?

Asking a question from the customer's point of view can help you find out what they really think about how well the product works. It's especially helpful for marketing or product teams, who can use the answers to figure out how well a product's features and supporting information meet customer needs.

What products don't we have that you'd like us to offer?

This is a great question to ask to find out about possible new products. Some businesses, like software companies, may want to focus on their product's features instead of making new ones. If you run a store or business that sells physical goods, this question can help you figure out what other services your core customers value.

How likely are you to tell a friend or co-worker about the product?

This question is often asked on a scale of 1–5 or 0–10, which can be used to figure out a net promoter score (NPS) when looking at the data. Once you have this information, you will know how many of your customers actively promote your product and how many could be considered detractors.

Would you buy it again based on what you've learned about it?

This question is often used to get direct feedback on a product or service. It helps the customer see how their current experience with the product relates to a future purchase. It shows how loyal your customer is to your brand and how much they care about this product line. The best thing for this data to show is a desire to buy again. It's another important way to measure the effectiveness of your efforts to improve the customer experience on brand loyalty.

How easy was it to find your way around our site?

Today, a business's web presence is such an important part of the customer experience that you should ask some questions about it. This is a great question to ask when you're thinking about making changes to the layout or navigation of your website. It is also a good question to ask potential or new customers. Prospects and new customers can look at a website with fresh eyes and may notice design flaws that regular customers have grown accustomed to.

What can we do to make your time with us better?

This is a good, open-ended question to ask when evaluating your process for giving customers a good experience. Since you want the whole process to be as easy as possible, the answers you get may help you figure out where problems might arise. Your customers will be able to answer the question in any way they want, which will give you more information. It's also easy to change the wording to fit your style or the goals of your survey.

Did you find the information you were looking for on our website?

It is always best to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find the information they need on your website. By asking about this on your customer satisfaction survey, you can find out about hard-to-find or even missing topics. You can use these answers to improve your website's navigation or add more information to your knowledge base. It's a good question to ask with a yes/no answer choice and an open-text box for more information.

How is our site different from other sites you use?

Asking questions about your competitors is a great way to find out how you stack up against them. With this kind of question, people will be able to tell you how your website is the same or different from those of your competitors. It works best as an open-text question on a survey. You can get feedback on pricing, the products you offer, and how easy it is to use your website.

Did what you get met your expectations based on what was written about it on our website?

It's never good when a customer gets a product that doesn't live up to their hopes. This question will help you figure out how well your marketing and information about your products are working. Since the customer has already bought the product, this question helps you figure out how well they understand your key selling points and brand. Depending on the goals of your survey, it can be shown as a scale for quantitative analysis, a list of choices, or an open-text box.

What do you like and dislike about our site?

It can be tempting to put more effort into adding new content to a website before making changes to what's already there. You can make better plans for developing your website if you ask your customers directly what parts of the site they like (or don't like) the most. It's best to let people answer this question in free text, so they can not only say what their main points are but also explain them. This is also a good question to ask before making big changes to your website or products.

How do you rate the last time you worked with us?

This is a great question to ask a customer right after they finish a support request or buy something. It will tell you about their experience and is best shown as a scale so you can get a lot of different opinions. You could ask them a follow-up question to get more information. Follow up with any customers who might have pointed out a problem.

Do you understand how much we charge?

Pricing can be hard to explain clearly, especially when a company sells services or software with a lot of different options. Along with extended warranties or other product support plans, you may also want to think about subscription packages. By asking your customers how they feel about prices, you can get a simple "yes" or "no" answer that will tell you how well you're explaining prices to them right now. Then, if someone gives you a negative response, you can choose to ask for more feedback.

Customer satisfaction should be at the center of every business, and this is especially true today. In today's markets, the internet gives customers access to goods and services that have never been seen before. Also, the risk of losing customers because of a bad product or bad customer service is still high. In a recent survey from HubSpot, 80% of people said that if they had one bad experience with a company, they might stop doing business with them.

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