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Why do you need website feedback?

Donald Ng
May 22, 2019
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Why do you need website feedback?
designing an effective business website with website feedback
Designing a website for business.

Why do you think website feedback is one of the most important aspects of growing your website?

A website is the most important tool for a business in this day and age” - you can find hundreds of variations of that one sentence on the internet, and with good reason. Your website is an important tool and crucial in the 21st century. Think of your website as your online store - you want it to look appealing, be intuitive, and ensure that no matter where your visitors are, they end up on the checkout aisle.

“Do I Need a Website?”

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: In 2019, establishing an online presence reaps some significant benefits. Websites are a crucial part of the modern business strategy because they are an extension of your business, that is when you create a website, you’re expanding your business, and expansion means:

1. More traffic

Being on the internet means your business is in front of billions of people and millions of potential customers and having a great website means you can target all these people. Not having a website, on the other hand, means leaving money on the table.

2. Free (almost) marketing

Apart from the negligible costs of hosting and maintenance, your website is the most cost-effective marketing tool with virtually endless uses. Create a newsletter, have sales, promote a product on the front page, offer a free eBook, and so much more.

3. Improves credibility

The first thing consumers do when they hear about a brand is find it online. Not having a website may be a red flag in the eyes of many of your consumers.

You should definitely establish an online presence for your branding, it is absolutely crucial to every business nowadays.

Making a website a great website!

Like your physical store, your website will have to compete with other websites. So how do you stay on top of the game?

By knowing what your visitors want and incorporating that into an effective and efficient website design.

Your website design is one of the key elements that define your website and differentiate it from countless others.

Here’s what you need to absolutely nail while designing your website:

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Consistency in brand and content
  3. Colors and contrast that’s easy on the eyes.
  4. Intuitiveness
  5. A well-thought-out sales funnel.

While designing your website, your design team must view the website from a visitor’s perspective. However, no matter how good your design team is, it’s going to be impossible to mimic the exact reactions of a first-time visitor.

You need actual unfiltered website feedback from visitors.

Getting Website Feedback From Visitors

Users prefer the online medium over stores, magazines, newspapers, or other goods and services over their physical form because of convenience and if your website doesn’t deliver on that front, your target audience will find a website that does. You can avoid such a situation by making consumer satisfaction one of your top priorities.

You can use analytics tools to find out when website visitors visit and leave your website and but analytics don’t tell you the whole story - analytics don’t tell you the HOW and WHY. That’s why you need website feedback on your website.

Traditionally, website owners used a website survey form with a bunch of questions targeted to improve various aspects of business like bounce rates, conversion rates, etc. Generally, these feedback surveys include a list of questions and a scale used for answers. Here’s a common example of one website feedback survey:

Website feedback example for your website

A happy face indicates that users are happy with your service and an Angry face indicates that it was not a pleasant experience. Another similar question could be “Is the design intuitive?” or “Was the information provided easy to understand?”.

Questions like these may be effective at pinpointing the specific aspects of your website that could use some improvement but ten of these questions are a nightmare for your users.

Can you imagine filling out a survey with question after question, after a solid 1 minute and you're still nowhere near completing the survey? It would be a truly terrible experience!

Don’t make giving website feedback become a chore

Collecting website feedback is supposed to be part of your website, while it might sound like a good idea to build your own 10-question feedback form for your website, it generally discourages your website visitors from giving you feedback.

Your goal should be to make the process of giving feedback as easy and as painless as possible for your visitors, and it should not be a chore for your website visitors.

You can use Howuku's Website Feedback Tool as an easy and efficient to collect useful information for you to improve your website.

Learn more about Howuku’s Website Feedback tool here!

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