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Simplifying User Experience Research

Our story

Howuku is a Malaysian startup company that began building its full-stack UX optimization solution during the pandemic and has grown and expanded rapidly ever since.

We're proud of our comprehensive UX suites with a large array of satisfied clients from around the world, we have established a presence in the US, Canada, and India.

We’ve built a unique all-in-one user behavior analytics platform to help digital marketers and product teams truly understand their user behavior and run optimization tests seamlessly without the need to write a single line of code.

Fun fact, Howuku is an acronym for "How U Know Users".


We lead with intention

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Key Benefits

Perks & Benefits

Hybrid Working
We are a forward-thinking company and advocate for work-life balance. You get the perfect balance of human interaction and alone/focus time.
Pantry supplies
Enjoy unlimited supplies of snacks and drinks catered on the regular.
Learning Opportunity
Growth is part of our culture. We pride ourselves in giving our people the autonomy to excel in their roles and many avenues to develop their skills.