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7 CRO Tips To Double Your Online Revenue

Howuku Writer
July 22, 2020
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7 CRO Tips To Double Your Online Revenue

Did you know that your e-commerce website is competing against 47 billion sites across the world? The average conversion rate ranges from 2-to-3%. From these figures, it is clear that successful digital marketing is not for the faint-hearted. You need to stand out to be able to compete and win a substantial fraction of your market with CRO.

If your site uses conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques that do not convert high-value clients, you may close sooner. The good news is that there are smart CRO techniques that you can use to increase your leads and the rate at which you convert your website visitors and users to loyal and paying customers. Read on for the 7 CRO techniques that you can use to stand out and double your conversion rates in no time.

Increase CRO for website

Here are 7 CRO tips on how you can double your conversion rates

1. Improve Website Speed

Since thereis a direct relationship between site speed and search engine rankings, youcannot afford to ignore this critical element that influences the overall userexperience.  Credible data shows that e-commerce sitesthat take more than two seconds to load can lose more than half of theirpotential customers. I hope you can see that it is a big loss.

 Buteven a delay of one second can lead to a reduction in your conversions by7%.  Onething stands out clear. In the digital age of instant gratification, waitingfor a website to download is one of the most frustrating things for manypeople.

But as acustomer-focused business, you can mitigate the loss. Test your speed. To dothis, you can use Google PageSpeed or any other reliable free or premium tool.These tools will help you know where you are and help you head to the rightdestination. If the speed is below the standard, do the following:

  • Choose a high-performing hosting plan
  • Use SEO optimized images
  • Avoid unnecessary plugins

2. Have aResponsive Website 

The numberof people who are using mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, tomake online purchases is steadily increasing. Statics indicate that in 2020,mobile e-commerce accounts for 50% of the global market.

 Besure you target smartphone users as they account for approximately 70% of mobile users willing to giveyou business. Without a doubt, if your site is not responsive, you will losemore than half of your potential clients to your aggressive competitors.

3.Improve Your Content

E-commerce face three core challenges that only compelling copy can solve. Lack of relevant information, no force to drive sales, and the inability to enhance engagement give many digital marketers sleepless nights. Producing quality content is one of the top CRO techniques to solve this. By providing quality, plagiarism-free content, you can keep your visitors informed, drive them to take action, and build long-lasting business relationships.

Since you are interested in interacting with your audience, ensure your content does the following:

Captures attention 

Create compelling headlines to achieve this. If you want to make readers seek to read the content, use curiosity headlines. For example, “They were sad throughout, but when the leaders arrived…”

Use shockfactors by stating interesting facts, but many people do not know. 

Or personalize by calling out the personal details, industry sector, and the likes.

Enhances Interest

 Show your audience that you understand their challenges and have a unique way to solve them. You can achieve this by using a few sentences. The bottom line is that what you present should evoke your targeted audience’s emotions.  

Creates Desire

 Other than arousing your visitors’ interest, create a desire in them to buy your products. How can you do this? 

Present the features and benefits of your products and make your audience see what they lose by failing to make an order. You can talk about how the software is designed to take away their pain at work or difficulties in marketing their products online.

Drives Action:

Create content that gets your lead to take the desired action. Put calls-to-action at strategic  locations on your content. Also, make the process of making a purchase simple.

4. UseHeatmap and Visitors Recording

As amarketer, you need to bear in mind that the Internet is a visual place andchoose CRO techniques to help you overcome any related challenge. Includevisual elements to attract and win your audience. But note that many e-commercesites with graphic elements and useful information still fail to convert due toreasons beyond the imagination of the entrepreneurs.  

You need heatmaps to track, quantify, and display the movements of the mouse and the clicks. The graphical representation of these pieces of information is what we call heatmaps. The data helps improve the overall user experience.

Visitor recording can also help you to achieve almost the same results. You capture the image of your customers as they use your site. This way, you can discover directly see the visitor’s journey and discover many game-changing issues with the site.

Here are themost vital details that heatmap and visitor recordings provide that you need toimprove your conversion rates:

  • Indicate website elements that are static but appear clickable
  • Provide how online visitors  engage with the calls-to-action on your website
  • Shows you the areas that your visitors interact with
  • Shows the page elements that prevent your leads from following the desired path of conversion
  • Can gather other vital pieces of marketing information from visitors

You can usethe above data to increase your conversion rate in the following ways:

  • Reduce cart abandonments
  • Optimize calls to action
  • Identify dead elements

5.Conduct A/B Testing

In CRO, youcannot succeed if you lack an efficient performance testing tool. In realestate, everything depends on your location, but it is all about testing inconversation optimization. Heatmap and visitors recording are some of the keyCRO techniques that play an important role here. But you need a more effectivetool to double your conversion rates fast.

If you want to mitigate risks when making decisions, you need to start doing A/B testing. We have seen the essence of creating attractive and useful headlines. If you create two headlines for your marketing campaigns and cannot tell which of them is the most suitable for your needs, turn to A/B split test to solve the dilemma.  

The process is simple. You come up with two alternative website pages and use the two different headlines. The A/B testing software works by directing half of the incoming traffic to each of the pages. The most effective headline will convert more than the other. At the end of a specific period, you count the number of people who took the desired action. After this process, you can choose the best headline.

Remember that:

You should test the right things. The most way out is to focus on areas that have a substantial impact on your revenue. Some of these can be:

  • The most profitable lead generation pages
  • Strategic landing pages
  • The most visited web pages
  • Google Analytics

When itcomes to marketing, there is nothing like the perfect choice. Customerpreferences can change at any time, and as a savvy marketer, you should actaccordingly. As such, the best strategy should be to have multiple A/B splittests running at any given time.  

6.Provide Social Proof

Are peoplebuying your products? You can increase your conversion rate by letting youraudience know about this. People tend to value products that others enjoyusing.

The majority of people who make purchases online read product reviews to help them choose the right items.  According to research, 92% of them rely on online reviews.

When your customers leave positive reviews, ensure everyone reads them. Also, include social share buttons on your sites to allow the users to like and share important information about your business. But be careful, if you have too few likes and shares, you should avoid including a count that indicates the low performance. Focus only on what makes your audience have confidence in your brand.

7. UseSeveral Payment Options

If you onlyaccept credit card payments, you will experience an exceptionally low conversionrate. Some business thinks they are the best payment solutions and try hard toconvince their customers to believe the same. The truth is that many people areunwilling to share sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, online.So, you need to give them an option.

You canthink about Paypal, which many customers claim suits them. You may alsoconsider adding Amazon payment and a cryptocurrency alternative.

Whateverpayment options you think will address all your payment needs best, you shouldensure your site is flexible enough to accommodate your customers’ variedinterests from all walks of life.


CRO comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so, you need to take a strategic approach and properly optimize your website. We have seen the important CRO techniques that you need to double your conversion rates. But they are by no means the only strategies that can increase the rates. Use them along with any other that suits your unique needs,  and you will register a significant increase in the conversion rate after a short while.

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