Why do you need Conversion Rate Optimization tools in your website

Do your website have high bounce rate? You need Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Do your website have high bounce rate? You need Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Have you ever heard about Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)?

Okay, so you have a website, a landing page to sell an idea, an e-commerce site to sell online products, or a web app to sell online services.

It is safe to say the purpose of a website is to sell something, that’s why you need tools like Google Analytic or SEO tools to help you succeed by acquiring more users.

Cool but was that enough?

Analytic does not provide you outside of the general page view counter and referrals, for example, you can’t tell if your visitors got stuck in the process of signing up, or did your visitors even read your website content at all?

Without proper tools, you’re just blindly guessing your way to improving your website, and this is where Conversion Rate Optimization steps I to save the day!

The basic idea of conversion rate optimization is to improve the chance of you turning/converting your website visitors into (paying) users/customers, hence you get a higher conversion rate by making small adjustments/iteration through your website and seeing instant feedback on how visitors react to it.

What do you need in a Conversion Rate Optimization tool for your website other than keeping track of page views with Google Analytic? In Howuku, we offer Session Replay, Heatmap tracking, and Feedback widget.

Session Replay

A session replay gives you the ability to look back to the pre-recorded session of a visitors, it is like standing behind a friend and watch them browsing through your website, except you don’t need to stand behind them to do that.

You can gain first-hand insight on how visitors are actually using your website. Are they clicking the static image in your website that leads to nowhere? Add a hyperlink to that particular image!

Avoid visitors get stuck at any point by making minor adjustments constantly, which can improve user experience and potential pitfall to visitors losing interest due to frustration.

Website Heatmap

Website Heatmap is an overview of your website, a big picture of all your visitor’s interaction points.

You can learn which part of the site captures the most attention of all your visitors, and how far down do they scrolled and viewed your website.

Feedback Widget

Feedback Widget should always be ready on your website where it’s most accessible by visitors. Giving feedback through email or contact form is often not a preferred communication medium, as visitors need to take extra steps to reach you.

So, it’s important for you to lower down the bar for visitors to reach you with constructive feedback, a simple optional alternative way to leave feedback easily and anonymously if concerned.

If you haven’t had any Conversion Rate Optimization tools installed on your website, we strongly recommend you to try it out!

Howuku offers a forever free plan with full access to all features with no commitments up-front, or if you prefer not to do so, leave a comment below and letting us know why and what’s your concern. 🙂

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